Several Ways to Use Your Yoga Block

It is essential for those who practice yoga to use a yoga block. The purpose of the block is to allow more comfort during practice and at the same time improving the bodies natural alignment. Some people think that yoga blocks are only used by novices. This is not true because often times the more experienced the person practicing the more poses and meditation techniques using a yoga block. There are some very advanced poses that require yoga blocks to act as an arm extension.

Were going to go through several ways to use your yoga block. They can help for stability and sometimes as an arm extension for one footed poses. The half moon pose is a basic yoga pose where using yoga blocks is helpful. Although some poses are not dependent on a block, it is great to use at first when trying to improve your endurance confidence. If your trying to improve your core strength while at the same time increasing your overall flexibility than yoga is for you.

custom printed yoga block

Having an EVA yoga block is great for meditation. Some peoples hips are so inflexible that while trying to sit cross apple sauce their thighs don’t come close to laying flat on the floor and their knees point up to their head. Try using a block to allow your hips to open up comfortably while trying to lengthen the spine. Sitting a few inches higher makes it much more comfortable. Try out the easy pose, hero pose, and spread leg forward fold on your yoga block. Yoga blocks are generally used for someone to sit in a position for a longer period of time. Mediation helps clear your mind so this is why so many people love their yoga blocks.

In general, a custom printed EVA yoga block is the first yoga accessory you should buy. Whatever your skill level having a block will help out flexibility. Sun salutation is the first pose that yoga teachers use a yoga block to show their students the right position. It is important to flex inward and upward lifting the yoga block just slightly while tightening your core and trying to lengthen your back. More details about yoga blocks, please click buy-yoga.


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