Yoga Accessories

Nowadays, there are lots of yoga accessories out in the market. Maybe you consider first is a PU yoga mat. As a yoga beginner it’s sometimes hard to decide what to buy and more importantly what are they used for. Let’s take a look at the different yoga accessories in order of their importance, in my opinion.

Thick Yoga Mat

A NBR yoga mat is probably the most essential piece of yoga equipment since it cushions parts of your body from the hard floor. Most agree that a thick yoga mat (1/4 inches) provides the most comfort without losing stability. A yoga mat also gives you a personal “space” when you are in a yoga class so you don’t feel cramped.

Yoga Bolster

Yoga bolsters are used as a support for certain types of yoga poses. They can also be used by beginners who are starting out and aren’t as flexible. One way is to use a bolster under your hips when in Asanas (lotus or cross-legged seated position). Another is Halasana or plow pose (lying on your back with your feet up over your head).

yoga mat with breathable holes

Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are used as extensions of your hands when in poses where it would be uncomfortable to try to reach the floor with your hand on its own. They are roughly nine inches x six inches x three/four inches and therefore can be used at various heights depending on what is needed by the student. EVA yoga block is especially helpful during the first weeks of yoga for beginners so they don’t try to do too much and might injure themselves.

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap, like a block is used to help get used to positions and stretches that might be uncomfortable for beginners. Examples of stretches where a yoga strap is helpful include most seated forward bends and most straps range in length from six to nine feet long and are made of soft cotton or hemp. There is a buckle (like a belt) so you can adjust the length to fit your reach.

There are many great products about yoga. You can do it practically anywhere, your body will become strong and flexible in a fairly short amount of time, you don’t need shoes or special clothing (just comfortable and loose fitting) and best of all very little equipment is involved. Hopefully you have a better idea the yoga accessories you might want to buy if you are a beginning yoga student. Feel free to visit buy-yoga for more information.


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