Choose an Eco-friendly Yoga Mat for Yourself

The biodegradable yoga mat is the environmentally conscious choice when enjoying a spiritual and fitness yoga practice.

These eco-friendly mats normally are much better than those stinky, toxic, PVC-laden mats. Always keep four different categories in mind, when going for an eco-friendly yoga mats: performance, durability, cost, and smell.

Performance: Eco mats should not be soft or hard, slippery or sticky, rough or smooth, but with medium thickness, medium hardness, and slightly sticky and slightly rough. These qualities are great for practices.

purple double layer yoga mat details

Durability: Sometimes environmentally-aware breathable mesh yoga mat are not as durable as the plastic/rubber ones because their raw materials are natural . Conventional mats are made up of industrial strength plastics, which helps them last a long time. You’ll have to weigh the cost and the extra waste it may produce (often biodegradable waste, though). Then evaluate whether you are actually coming out ahead when you purchase a natural-fiber yoga mat.

Cost: Eco-friendly double layer TPE yoga mat can be more expensive than conventional mats. But they are worth their price, as they are quite good for the environment and for our health too. It’s not a good idea to breathe fumes off plastic mats while exercising on a conventional mat.

Smell: Eco mats have strong smell from the natural rubber, so strong at times that it might affect your practice. No one wants to take a deep breath in through their nose and get a stinky whiff of yoga mat.

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Try Using Yoga Equipment to Support Yoga

How do you like yoga? People who practice yoga regularly have a certain glow about them. They’re healthy, happy, and just have a special way about them that infects everything and everyone around them for the better. This is the glow of yoga that we all strive for.

To achieve the yoga glow-like zen, we have to start somewhere. Here are a few tips and products to help you start out small, and end up happy and limber with a glow all your own.

Select the right mat

Selecting a mat can be overwhelming. They come in thin, thick, cotton, short, long, and wide. For starters I’d recommend getting a non toxic yoga mat. This will provide the comfort and stability for getting the hang of the traditional poses you’ll learn right away.

custom printed Pilates mat

Try using a yoga strap

Using straps can really help you get into those tougher poses that require the flexibility that you just don’t have yet. The yoga strap will allow you to put the resistance where you need it. For example, you can use straps to connect one arm to the other, extend your reach from your feet, and many other tricks.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks come in all shapes and sizes, and are mostly used to modify a pose or to provide support for your hands and feet for those poses where you can’t quite stretch to the extent you want. EVA yoga brick can bring the stretch destination closer to you until you reach your flexibility goals.

Of course, these are just a few of the yoga gear you can use when starting out, and can even serve you in your yoga practice over the years to come. Just remember that yoga is a very personal exercise, you set your own limits, and you set your own boundaries. You will only improve at the rate to which you push yourself.

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The Hottest Yoga Products of This Year

Do you know the hottest yoga products of this year? After running a yoga accessory website for a few days I gathered quite a lot of information about the products I’ve been selling. According to my personal experience, my customers’ feedback and the reviews and ratings I read on other site, I present to you the hottest yoga products of this year.

Yoga Mats

The market is saturated with all kinds of mats. The latest craze is biodegradable products. People are suddenly becoming conscious of the fact that an average yoga mat will take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill. Yoga companies have adapted and now market all natural and eco-friendly yoga mats as the only choice for true yogis. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I have selected the best yoga mats that are not completely biodegradable, yet there are no better performing and more durable mats on the market today.

pink double layer yoga mat details

Yoga Towels

These are not regular gym towels. Best microfiber yoga towels are not just very absorbent, they also grip to your mat very tightly. I can confidently suggest the Shengde brand, as they are currently the most reliable in the yoga towel industry. While other brands are catching up, Shengde is still widely recognized as the creators of best yoga towels with their skinless line of products.

Yoga Blocks

Shengde also makes excellent cork yoga blocks that are nature friendly, lightweight and very pleasant to use. You can’t really do any better for yoga blocks, cork provides great cushioning and resistance to help you keep your balance. These yoga blocks sell really well and people seem to be very satisfied about Shengde products.

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The Demand for Yoga Products Has Skyrocketed

In the past few years, the demand for yoga products has skyrocketed. Especially in the developed markets of the west and some parts of the Southern Hemisphere like Australia, New Zealand etc. The presence of Indian diaspora in many continents of the world has helped immensely in the popularization of yoga not just as a form of exercise but as a way of life.

Exporting of yoga products

In order to cater to this latent demand, savvy Indian businessmen have turned into exporters of yoga products. By leveraging their contacts among overseas vendors these exporters have created outlets for sale of their goods in overseas markets. It is a mutually beneficial situation for both as exporters get new markets, while buyers get yoga products at deeply discounted prices. They have opened up appealing store fronts to capture the imagination of buyers in India and abroad.

Yoga products like mats, videos, CD, DVD, flower essences, candles and other similar products which assist in meditation and exercise are in high demand from developed countries where these items are quite costly. Users have the option of buying yoga products online or from vendors who import yoga products from India in bulk. By procuring goods in bulk; vendors pass on these discounts to enthusiastic buyers.

Adopting the online route

Adopting the online route is also a cost effective way to procure yoga products. Online retailing eliminates the possibility of intermediaries and therefore users can be assured of significant discounts while purchasing yoga products from online retailers. Online retailers are the perfect medium for purchasing yoga items which don’t require users to touch and feel the products. Unlike consumer durable, you can buy most yoga items like yoga mats, bolsters, bags, straps, clothes from the net. And this does not need users to go in for a ‘touch and feel’ exercise to judge quality.

Besides, online retailers offer a replacement guarantee to users who are not satisfied with the delivered items. In-built online payment gateways carry a certificate of authenticity from trustworthy third party agencies. So users can be assured of safety and privacy of financial data while transacting online. Online retailers usually align with vendors who have a strong distribution backbone and can deliver products across geographical boundaries. Buyers have the convenience to order products from any location and obtain delivery within two or three working days.

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Yoga Mats Buying Tips

Do you like yoga? Do you want to buy a yoga mat? Yoga mats are very essential to those individuals who practice yoga. These are made to enable you to execute different moves and postures that you will perform throughout the session. Yoga practitioners and students should consider not only the durability and the quality of the mat, but also the components being used that may be harmful to the environment.

One type of eco yoga mat is composed exclusively of plant-based materials like all-natural rubber and/or jute fiber. Although the smell might be unpleasant, it won’t cause damage to your lungs. These types of materials are toxin free. There are no chemical additives used. It is excellent for any consistent practice of Yoga. And natural rubber yoga mat underside grips the floor even in a heavy sweat. It is a highly durable, tactile, machine washable, recyclable and a pleasantly natural surface to practice on. It also wears well and does not peel or flake with continuous use. These mats are good for both beginners and experienced students.

One type of eco yoga mats are foam mats. Although they are not recyclable, they are extremely durable and are typically free from phytlates, latex and heavy metal.

screen printing PVC yoga mat

Under such circumstances, in order to keep your consciousness clean, you’d be better off considering a yoga mat that is bio-degradable once you no longer use it. The eco-friendly Pilates mat is at present the greenest option readily available for those that want to practice on a sticky mat.

One consideration of a rubber mat, however is the inclusion of latex. For latex allergy sufferers, you must check the ingredients of the rubber mat.

Unfortunately, most of the environment friendly materials or products are more expensive than the others. Eco yoga mats are usually pricier than PVC yoga mats. However, you will find foam mats in many colors and around $20.

Though environmentally friendly mats usually cost more, eco yoga mats are built to be durable and of high quality so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your money. Cheap mats will just cost your health. In this case, the best mat is an eco yoga mat. Yet, you can still avail discounted products on some fitness stores or yoga gyms to minimize expenses. It would always be the best to consider your health than your budget.

Choosing the right eco yoga mat will make your day-to-day yoga sessions much more relaxing and satisfying. To learn more about eco yoga mats, visit us at buy-yoga and read more for free.

Something about Sound off Yoga

After a long time of yoga practice, maybe you can make a change. Have you ever wanted some extra help tuning out the external world, let alone your inner dialogue, for a yoga class? Look no further than sound off yoga.

Picture this: You’ve made it to the yoga studio and you roll out an eco-friendly yoga mat, take a few deep breaths, and start to drop in. Just as you’re feeling blissed, a car alarm goes off nearby, dogs start barking in the distance, or you realize your mat neighbor is a Darth Vader breather. Not very Zen, says New York–based entrepreneur Castel Valere-Couturier, founder and CEO of what may be the antidote: Sound Off Yoga.

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Here’s how it works: Everyone in class wears a pair of wireless headphones, through which your yoga teacher’s cues as well as music—play at whatever volume you like. ” It may not seem very yogic at first, but it’s actually a great solution in big classes, where teachers often have to yell into a microphone,” says Valere-Couturier. “It’s also great in classes where one student might want the music cranked up, while another would prefer that the teacher whisper in her ear.” While it may be untraditional, “silent yoga” is certainly gaining popularity.

Look for class offerings and other silent events near you. See also Sound Advice for Teachers on Audio in Yoga Classes. We make various yoga products, welcome to visit us at

Use Blocks to Practice Yoga throughout Pregnancy

Though I have been practicing yoga for a while, now that I am pregnant, I have been advised by my yoga instructor to try cork yoga block to help support myself with the extra strain. Yoga blocks are used to help alignment and thus improve your posture as well as the cushioning that I need. After a browse I chose the Fitness Mad Full Yoga Block, these were highly recommended with 5 star reviews and come at a competitive price.

The basic information of yoga block

The excellent packaging was a sign of the quality within. They are made from EVA foam or cork and at around 30 cm by 20 cm by 5 cm are more than wide enough for my bottom. They are light enough to carry in your gym bag along with your mat and towel. You can bend them around or squash them and they still pop back into shape without complaint.

double color EVA yoga brick

The benefits of practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy

I do not have to tell you of the benefits of practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy, I certainly feel with foam yoga brick I was able to maintain my classes a lot longer than I would have. They performed the job better than I thought and the extra cushioning helped me maintain poses and inversions for as long as normal, I am sure that after I have my baby these will help with my progress in getting back into shape.

They have done the job perfectly so pregnant or not I would recommend the camouflage EVA yoga block to anyone. They are ideal for beginners as well to improve your posture and take the strain while working those neglected muscles. If you suffer from back or wrist problems give these a go as they lower your risk of injury and enable you to hold your poses for longer, which increases your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility better than doing the poses on the floor or yoga mat.

Don’t leave the threat of injury to chance get a full yoga block now, you will be able to easily continue your pregnancy yoga without the worry. Beginner or experienced at yoga or Pilates a block will help you overcome those niggling problems and aid progress. Discover more yoga blocks at buy-yoga.

Simple Exercises with Yoga Ball

Have you ever heard custom logo yoga ball? Yoga ball is a great way to maximize your home workout. They are not expensive by any means, and can be used a variety of different ways to target almost any area of the body. If you have one lying around the house go grab it after learning these simple exercises to get better results.

1.) The Abdominal roll:

To do the ab roll, kneel and lean your forearms onto the ball. Inhale to firm your stomach and then roll the ball away from you as far as you are comfortable with. Maintain ball contact with the entire surface of your forearms.

2.) Ball Balance

For this position, you must lie on top of the PVC yoga ball so it is directly under your waist. Maintain balance by keeping your hands on the floor, now lift your legs off the ground. When done right you should be relatively straight. If you can, try to hold it for thirty seconds. For a variation of this try only balancing with one hand, then switch to the other.

blue massage yoga ball

3.) Back Extension

This position begins very similar to the ball balance position. However, this move requires you to balance with your feet instead of your arms. For this pose, hold your arms out like an airplane then gently try to bend your torso. If done correctly, it should look like you are trying to touch the ground with your nose.

Half the workout benefit you get from a massage yoga ball is from resistance. The other half comes from the ball challenging you to balance. However, if you are a beginner using a yoga ball and are experiencing some trouble, then try balancing yourself next to a wall or some other stable object. To get a full workout, do two or three sets of each position for about twelve reps as time goes by, you can increase your sets and repetitions as you get stronger.

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Some Basic Information of Yoga Mat

Nowadays, yoga becomes increasingly popular. Over 11 millions Americans are enjoying it’s health benefits. Do you wonder what should be the first yoga accessory you should purchase when starting your yoga class? It is a yoga mat. And it must be a non toxic yoga mat. The mat is an essential yoga accessory. Yoga clothing changes of style, of fashion but yoga mats are the most valuable yoga accessories you will need. If you take care of it, you will keep it for a very long time. The investment is worth. Yoga is physical art that you could practice on almost any type of surface. Often in yoga classes you will find wood floors or cement. These surfaces are hard and your yoga mat will provide some comfort.

A good reason to use a non-slip yoga mat during yoga workout, is to give your hands and feet a good grip surface. You will spend a lot of time with your hands and feet on the floor when practicing your poses. And while holding your asanas you need not to slip or your mat to slip. Usually yoga mats are slightly sticky and it’s that stickiness that helps you stay somehow in stability by having a better grip and avoid to slip and cause some injuries.

Yoga mats, as your preferred yoga accessories, are not only used flat on the floor. Depending on the pose you are doing you will also be able to roll it or fold it. Rolling the mat is useful when sitting for your end class meditation, as an example, it provides some comfort for your hips or knees. Sitting poses are frequent in yoga and usually longer that upwards poses, you will appreciate the extra comfort of rolling your mat. What is recommended is a yoga mat of ¼ inch thick at least (for pilates you can go up to 1 inch thick), the length can vary between 62 to 85 inches, the width can be from 20 to 50 inches. Your shoulders can be a good measure to decide of the width. You should have about 4-6 inches extra mat space on each side of your shoulders.

PVC yoga mat with carrying strap

Do you wonder what type of yoga mat you should buy? Well, some are made in standard PVC or PVC latex-free materials. The latex free yoga mat contents no harsh chemicals, so they are free of that chemical smell that can be overwhelming sometimes. These mats are good for those who suffer of latex allergies. You can also find, what we call, green mats. These natural yoga mats can be made of organic plants, or cotton, natural rubber, organic hemp or jute fibers. You can also prefer using a simple cotton rug that some suppliers are also promoting. These green mats are a little bit more expensive but the investment for that yoga accessory is worth.

Besides, it is necessary to clean your yoga mat. Did you know how to clean your yoga mat? We all sweat at different degree and the oils from your hands can make your yoga accessory slippery. So it is recommended to clean your mat on a regular basis. Standard mat can be soaked in your bath in cold water and vinegar. After soaking just rinse it, squeeze the excess of water and let it dry. Some cotton mat or rug can be machine washable.

By washing it you will clean up the sweat, oil and germs. Just read the label supplied by your merchant to find out the best way to clean your yoga accessory. If you don’t want to bother by cleaning or washing your mat you can find on the web yoga mat cover. These cover usually are machine washable. Don’t forget also to purchase a yoga bag. Yoga bags, as the second important yoga accessories, will help to carry and protect you mat. We hope that this article will be useful in the purchase of your yoga mat.

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Get Yoga Products Tips from Yoga teachers

Yoga teachers can be quite helpful in suggesting beneficial yoga products, as opposed to those that are a waste of time and money. Frequently a teacher will suggest certain items that complement their teaching style, or at least they have the background to make certain recommendations based on fact and not on hearsay. Practitioners of yoga have many products to choose from, with many products being utilized by novices as well as experts.

Some yoga teachers feel that a certain kind of yoga mat is important to yoga exercises. While some prefer traditional mats, many will praise modern mats as using the latest technology to maximize benefits. You can purchase handmade mats constructed of a specific mix of materials, typically cotton yoga mat, to offer a better grip, good absorbency, and a high comfort level.

Various yoga teachers may encourage students to utilize books and DVDs in order to study and practice when class is not in session. Instructors naturally recommend these items, in addition to the classes, to increase the benefits of yoga. This lets students take full advantage of their learning and offers them the chance to learn at their own pace. Actually, books and DVDs should provide students with necessary skills to improve their technique and performance.

fitness yoga wheel

Some teachers of yoga are totally involved in the lifestyle and suggest that you use various products like fitness yoga wheel to enhance the yoga experience, though they may not provide much real benefit. A fine example of this is yoga clothing. Although participating in yoga only requires loose stretchy clothing, some teachers feel that wearing specially designed yoga clothing helps put students in the right frame of mind.

Although yoga teachers can offer advice as to which products they think are helpful for enjoyment of the yoga experience, the final decision is yours. If the optional things such as yoga books, videos, mats, and clothing are too expensive for your budget, you might only practice yoga two or three times each week. However, if you really want to be fully involved in the yoga lifestyle, it is wise to ask your yoga teacher for suggestions regarding products that are really required for you to meet your yoga goals, as well as those that you should avoid. Maybe a custom EVA foam yoga block quite fits for beginners, which is not only cheap but useful.

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