Three Different Yoga Mats

Do you have problems when select yoga mats? There are several different types of yoga mats for you to choose from and each one has certain features as well as benefits designed to be the best mat for you.


The best selling non-slip mats are generally made of PVC which gives it the non-slip properties. Their thickness can range from 3 to 5 mm which will give you extra cushion. These full printed PVC yoga mat is less expensive than other mats which we will describe. The PVC type are considered to be basic and starter maps and are usually in the $20 – $30 range.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber yoga mats are made from natural rubber and other natural fibers which of course is good for you and the environment. They tend to be a bit thicker, usually at least 5mm and cost a little more than the basis PVC but would be considered in the same category of non-skip yoga mats. A natural rubber mat will generally cost around $50.

non-slip rubber yoga mat


For those people who prefer the softer more natural feel, would like a cotton TPE yoga mat. Generally these are unbleached and are made with untreated natural cotton batten. While more comfortable and more absorbent than the rubber or PVC ones, they cost a little more. These mats are about 3mm thick and are idea for meditation.

Before selecting the best yoga mat for yourself, be sure to consider your goals, objectives and wallet. While the essence of yoga is simplicity, there are many different yoga tools and accessories that will make your yoga experience more effective and rewarding – none more important that choosing the best yoga mat for you.

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