The Basic Yoga Accessories

There are many different kinds of yoga accessories, including yoga mats, gear, CD and even yoga video DVD and books. Many are available in new age stores, health food stores, and meditation shops, or directly over the internet. There are so many different varieties of accessories that it can be hard to know which items a beginner really needs – so keep your eyes peeled and take note of those items you would like to have. Yoga accessories can sometimes be rented at a gym or yoga studio, but I wouldn’t count on finding block or strap as it may be in use by someone else. This is why it’s best to purchase at least some of the necessary ones when you get started with your yoga practice.

Essential Accessories

A yoga mat is probably the most essential accessory that you will find. You need your own for personal hygiene reasons, and because you will eventually become more comfortable in your poses with a custom logo Pilates mat that you are comfortable with. One of the nice things about a yoga mat and other accessories is that having them and taking them with you can make pretty much make any place appear to be a yoga studio. Some are certified organic products.

pink double layer TPE yoga mat


Natural Yoga Accessories are becoming more popular, though in general, the accessories required for yoga can be fairly inexpensive and easy to come by. A short list of those essentials is included below. The accessories that you may need for yoga include your apparel (clothing), mats, props (such as high density yoga brick), bags, and training materials such as DVD, and books. A yoga mat is also essential to your practice. Another excellent accessory if you are practicing in a home environment is a DVD (or video).

These DVDs are great accessories for beginners because you can pause or back-up the DVD during when you are learning a new position. There are a huge variety of other accessories which you may find useful including: straps, a block, hair bands, environmentally-friendly blankets, bolsters, yoga mats and other accessories. There is also a full line of children’s yoga clothing available. From basic yoga requirements like yoga mats to more of a ambiance accessory such as candles or incense you are sure to require some of these to enhance your practice.

Yoga Accessory Websites

Besides, many websites offer hard to find unique yoga accessories manufactured by other fellow yogis. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with a standard yoga mat, a massage yoga ball, socks, or one of the other many yoga related accessories available, there is definitely a yoga product made just for you. It just may take some time looking, but eventually you will find it. A variety of yoga accessories have sprung up. In yoga having the right accessories are vitally important, so you will want to make sure you choose the best made materials and well known brands. Buy-yoga gives you many choice of yoga props.


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