Use Blocks to Practice Yoga throughout Pregnancy

Though I have been practicing yoga for a while, now that I am pregnant, I have been advised by my yoga instructor to try cork yoga block to help support myself with the extra strain. Yoga blocks are used to help alignment and thus improve your posture as well as the cushioning that I need. After a browse I chose the Fitness Mad Full Yoga Block, these were highly recommended with 5 star reviews and come at a competitive price.

The basic information of yoga block

The excellent packaging was a sign of the quality within. They are made from EVA foam or cork and at around 30 cm by 20 cm by 5 cm are more than wide enough for my bottom. They are light enough to carry in your gym bag along with your mat and towel. You can bend them around or squash them and they still pop back into shape without complaint.

double color EVA yoga brick

The benefits of practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy

I do not have to tell you of the benefits of practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy, I certainly feel with foam yoga brick I was able to maintain my classes a lot longer than I would have. They performed the job better than I thought and the extra cushioning helped me maintain poses and inversions for as long as normal, I am sure that after I have my baby these will help with my progress in getting back into shape.

They have done the job perfectly so pregnant or not I would recommend the camouflage EVA yoga block to anyone. They are ideal for beginners as well to improve your posture and take the strain while working those neglected muscles. If you suffer from back or wrist problems give these a go as they lower your risk of injury and enable you to hold your poses for longer, which increases your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility better than doing the poses on the floor or yoga mat.

Don’t leave the threat of injury to chance get a full yoga block now, you will be able to easily continue your pregnancy yoga without the worry. Beginner or experienced at yoga or Pilates a block will help you overcome those niggling problems and aid progress. Discover more yoga blocks at buy-yoga.


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