Something about Sound off Yoga

After a long time of yoga practice, maybe you can make a change. Have you ever wanted some extra help tuning out the external world, let alone your inner dialogue, for a yoga class? Look no further than sound off yoga.

Picture this: You’ve made it to the yoga studio and you roll out an eco-friendly yoga mat, take a few deep breaths, and start to drop in. Just as you’re feeling blissed, a car alarm goes off nearby, dogs start barking in the distance, or you realize your mat neighbor is a Darth Vader breather. Not very Zen, says New York–based entrepreneur Castel Valere-Couturier, founder and CEO of what may be the antidote: Sound Off Yoga.

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Here’s how it works: Everyone in class wears a pair of wireless headphones, through which your yoga teacher’s cues as well as music—play at whatever volume you like. ” It may not seem very yogic at first, but it’s actually a great solution in big classes, where teachers often have to yell into a microphone,” says Valere-Couturier. “It’s also great in classes where one student might want the music cranked up, while another would prefer that the teacher whisper in her ear.” While it may be untraditional, “silent yoga” is certainly gaining popularity.

Look for class offerings and other silent events near you. See also Sound Advice for Teachers on Audio in Yoga Classes. We make various yoga products, welcome to visit us at


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