The Demand for Yoga Products Has Skyrocketed

In the past few years, the demand for yoga products has skyrocketed. Especially in the developed markets of the west and some parts of the Southern Hemisphere like Australia, New Zealand etc. The presence of Indian diaspora in many continents of the world has helped immensely in the popularization of yoga not just as a form of exercise but as a way of life.

Exporting of yoga products

In order to cater to this latent demand, savvy Indian businessmen have turned into exporters of yoga products. By leveraging their contacts among overseas vendors these exporters have created outlets for sale of their goods in overseas markets. It is a mutually beneficial situation for both as exporters get new markets, while buyers get yoga products at deeply discounted prices. They have opened up appealing store fronts to capture the imagination of buyers in India and abroad.

Yoga products like mats, videos, CD, DVD, flower essences, candles and other similar products which assist in meditation and exercise are in high demand from developed countries where these items are quite costly. Users have the option of buying yoga products online or from vendors who import yoga products from India in bulk. By procuring goods in bulk; vendors pass on these discounts to enthusiastic buyers.

Adopting the online route

Adopting the online route is also a cost effective way to procure yoga products. Online retailing eliminates the possibility of intermediaries and therefore users can be assured of significant discounts while purchasing yoga products from online retailers. Online retailers are the perfect medium for purchasing yoga items which don’t require users to touch and feel the products. Unlike consumer durable, you can buy most yoga items like yoga mats, bolsters, bags, straps, clothes from the net. And this does not need users to go in for a ‘touch and feel’ exercise to judge quality.

Besides, online retailers offer a replacement guarantee to users who are not satisfied with the delivered items. In-built online payment gateways carry a certificate of authenticity from trustworthy third party agencies. So users can be assured of safety and privacy of financial data while transacting online. Online retailers usually align with vendors who have a strong distribution backbone and can deliver products across geographical boundaries. Buyers have the convenience to order products from any location and obtain delivery within two or three working days.

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