The Hottest Yoga Products of This Year

Do you know the hottest yoga products of this year? After running a yoga accessory website for a few days I gathered quite a lot of information about the products I’ve been selling. According to my personal experience, my customers’ feedback and the reviews and ratings I read on other site, I present to you the hottest yoga products of this year.

Yoga Mats

The market is saturated with all kinds of mats. The latest craze is biodegradable products. People are suddenly becoming conscious of the fact that an average yoga mat will take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill. Yoga companies have adapted and now market all natural and eco-friendly yoga mats as the only choice for true yogis. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I have selected the best yoga mats that are not completely biodegradable, yet there are no better performing and more durable mats on the market today.

pink double layer yoga mat details

Yoga Towels

These are not regular gym towels. Best microfiber yoga towels are not just very absorbent, they also grip to your mat very tightly. I can confidently suggest the Shengde brand, as they are currently the most reliable in the yoga towel industry. While other brands are catching up, Shengde is still widely recognized as the creators of best yoga towels with their skinless line of products.

Yoga Blocks

Shengde also makes excellent cork yoga blocks that are nature friendly, lightweight and very pleasant to use. You can’t really do any better for yoga blocks, cork provides great cushioning and resistance to help you keep your balance. These yoga blocks sell really well and people seem to be very satisfied about Shengde products.

Fuqing Shengde Plastic & Rubber Products Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing yoga props. If you are interested in yoga products wholesale, please visit our website: buy-yoga.


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