Choose an Eco-friendly Yoga Mat for Yourself

The biodegradable yoga mat is the environmentally conscious choice when enjoying a spiritual and fitness yoga practice.

These eco-friendly mats normally are much better than those stinky, toxic, PVC-laden mats. Always keep four different categories in mind, when going for an eco-friendly yoga mats: performance, durability, cost, and smell.

Performance: Eco mats should not be soft or hard, slippery or sticky, rough or smooth, but with medium thickness, medium hardness, and slightly sticky and slightly rough. These qualities are great for practices.

purple double layer yoga mat details

Durability: Sometimes environmentally-aware breathable mesh yoga mat are not as durable as the plastic/rubber ones because their raw materials are natural . Conventional mats are made up of industrial strength plastics, which helps them last a long time. You’ll have to weigh the cost and the extra waste it may produce (often biodegradable waste, though). Then evaluate whether you are actually coming out ahead when you purchase a natural-fiber yoga mat.

Cost: Eco-friendly double layer TPE yoga mat can be more expensive than conventional mats. But they are worth their price, as they are quite good for the environment and for our health too. It’s not a good idea to breathe fumes off plastic mats while exercising on a conventional mat.

Smell: Eco mats have strong smell from the natural rubber, so strong at times that it might affect your practice. No one wants to take a deep breath in through their nose and get a stinky whiff of yoga mat.

If you know an eco-friendly yoga mat is right for you, but you’re not sure where to shop for one, you can certainly take a look at my recommendations for finding yoga mats at the best prices at buy-yoga.


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