Using Yoga Props to Reach the Correct Position without Injuring Yourself

When you are beginning your yoga practice, don’t worry if you aren’t as strong or as flexible as the more advanced students. This type of flexibility is developed over time with continued yoga practice. If you’re having trouble completing some of the poses, consider using props to help you reach the correct position. Using yoga props helps support the muscles and minimize strain so that you can continue practicing without injuring yourself.

Yoga props can also help elderly people and those with medical ailments to exceed their limitations, providing support and enabling them to perform the poses they would not normal be able to do. Of course, you don’t need to invest in any expensive equipment to practice yoga – you can do it naked in your living room without any fancy gear. However, if you’re just getting started, these props can make your yoga practice much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Mats: The yoga mat is one of the most important yoga props. Yoga mats are also called sticky mats – and that’s what they do! When used on a hard floor surface, the mat will stay in place, giving you the traction you need to perform the poses. Even when you start to get sweaty, your hands and feet won’t slip. The mat also gives your knees a little cushion when you’re kneeling on a hard surface.

Mats aren’t expensive – you can pick up a NBR yoga mat for under $30 and it’ll last a long time. If you’re just starting at a gym, they’ll probably have some that you can borrow. However, out of hygienic concerns, get your own and bring it with you. You don’t know who used that mat before you!

full printed PVC yoga mat

Blankets: Some studios will provide blankets for students to use during practice. If you’re having trouble performing some seated poses, you can fold them up and sit on them, changing the angle of the pose and improving alignment. They’re also great for covering yourself up during the final corpse pose. Then you’ll be so much more relaxed when you’re warm and toasty under your blanket.

Straps and Blocks: D-ring yoga straps and EVA yoga bricks are also handy tools to have when you’re just starting out. Both can be used to modify poses to make them easier if you aren’t that flexible yet. If you’re taking an introductory class, ask the teacher to help you use them throughout the class. He or she will be able to recommend the best way to modify poses with these props.

Attire: You might not think of your workout clothes as props, but what you wear can have a huge impact on how well you practice. You don’t need to invest in a certain brand or specific article of clothing. But you should make sure that your attire is comfortable and breathable. Women, also considered a form-fitted top for yoga practice. Sometimes your head ends up lower than your hips which can cause your top to slide down.

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