What Should Prepare for a Yoga Session

The following ought to be taken into consideration when preparing for a yoga session.


Ensure both your physical and mental health is okay. Have a medical examination performed on you to ensure that you do not have any condition that may be aggravated by practicing yoga.


Choose a room that is airy, quiet and clean, one that offers privacy and very little distraction. The temperature should be such that it allows you to wear minimal clothes. The ambiance in the room should be relaxed to enable you to focus fully on the practice. Lighting should be soft and natural.


The preferred clothes to be worn during a yoga session should be loose and stretchy. The clothing should be such that it gives you freedom of movement and also keep you warm. The fibers making the clothes should be natural, allowing your skin to breath. It is preferred that one practices yoga barefoot unless the feet are cold. Remove eyeglasses and any dangling jewelry or clothing that may restrict your movement


Decide the timing of the yoga session. Practicing yoga at night will help induce a deep, restful sleep while practicing it early in the morning will energize the body and mind. It is discouraged to conduct sessions under the hot noon day sun or after spending some time under the hot sun as one may experience weakness.

Length of a Session

When practiced in the right way, a typical yoga session lasts an average of fifteen minutes. It should not be very lengthy but should be practiced daily so as to attain the best results.

Yoga Props

In as much as all one needs is the desire and attitude to improve self awareness, props may be used to help in easing the technique for achieving the pose through proper balance and alignment. The use of props supports the muscles thus minimizing strain and aids in minimizing energy use. Props include things such as a non-slip yoga mat or towel, a brick, a belt, wool or cotton blanket, a cushion or a chair with arm rests.

Body Wise

Last but not the least, yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach or two hours after you have had a meal. Also, the bowels and bladder should be emptied to avoid feeling the urge during the session. A bath should be taken before beginning the session as taking a shower immediately after may interfere with the workings of the hormones. If you want to buy yoga products, please visit buy-yoga.com.


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