What Do You Need When Doing Yoga

Perhaps you’ve read about yoga or seen it on TV, or maybe you’ve got some aches and pains and been told that yoga is the way to get rid of them. Whatever the case, you’ve decided that yoga could be for you and you’re itching to get started. But what do you need to begin?

You’ll be pleased to know that one of the many benefits of yoga is that you need very little in the way of props. In fact, you could start off in your living with nothing at all except a book or video to show you the ropes.

As for clothing, you just need to dress in something that’s loose and comfortable. Depending on the weather this could be an old track suit or pair of shorts and t-shirt. Of course if you’re heading out to a studio you may need to invest in something more custom made if looking chic is important to you. If so, you’ll find plenty of trendy yoga clothes to suit.

The next item that will help you in your practice is a yoga mat. In general, eco-friendly TPE yoga mat is the first choice. These come in standard sizes and thicknesses that have been determined to be most suitable for yoga practice. The key quality of a yoga mat is its stickiness. This is important to avoid slipping when in high tension postures especially if you hands or feet are sweaty.

latex free pink TPE yoga mat

In buying yoga mats, you have a wide choice ranging from simple inexpensive NBR yoga mat up to swank organic mats made of jute and other natural materials.

Other than clothes and mats, you can choose from many other yoga props including waffle yoga mat towel, bolsters, blankets and straps. All have their uses and straps are especially important for beginners. If you have trouble touching your toes for example, you can use a special strap to hook around your feet and so pull yourself down.

As I said at the beginning, you really don’t need anything to start practicing yoga. But getting and using your own yoga kit can enhance and deepen your practice. Just putting on your yoga clothes and rolling out your mat can put you in the yoga mood instantly and bring joy to your practice.

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