Plus Size People Can also Practice Yoga

Nowadays, many plus size people are hesitant to begin a yoga practice because they are self-conscious of their size. Some feel that they will not be able to keep up in a class and look awkward compared to the other, smaller, yoga students. That type of thinking has kept many people from enjoying the benefits through yoga. At it’s core, yoga is a non competitive discipline that teaches you to listen to and appreciate your body.

With practicing yoga continuously, you can increase strength and flexibility. Yoga helps with body alignment which helps to reduce strain on the joints. Yoga has also been shown to help lower blood pressure and improve heart rate. And yoga classes are full of people who span the spectrum of physical size. There are many plus size persons who will find that they are more flexible than they thought.

The media has perpetuated the false image of beauty. While these images are only attainable to a few people in our society. The diet and magazine industry are complicit in perpetuating this image. Many of the women represented in fashion do not the represent the average size of women. These images can infiltrate the mind and lead to eating disorders or feelings of shame and self judgment.

Yoga teaches you to push your body to be the best that you can be, not what society says you should be. Therefore, self acceptance is the major goal of yoga.

Recent studies have shown that participation in mind-body exercises like yoga lead to greater satisfaction with one’s body. Gymnastics, figure skating and ballet which are highly competitive and place a higher emphasis on thinness have reported greater incidences of eating disorders.

pink extra thick NBR yoga mat

How and where you choose to practice yoga is up to you. For those who prefer the privacy of their home, there are excellent DVDs that are specifically for the plus size student. Yoga studios offers classes to many plus size across the country. There are some who feel these separate classes amount to segregation. The criticism is that this goes against the principles of yoga which are non-judgmental, non-competitive acceptance of our bodies and the bodies of others. Instead of separate classes, some students have got benefits from a smaller class where they can get more personalized attention from the instructor.

Wherever you choose to practice, the use of yoga props is very helpful. There is extra thick yoga mat available that will provide extra cushion for you. EVA yoga brick and cotton yoga straps assists with proper alignment and balance along with allowing the body to experience a deeper stretch and a wider range of movement.

Don’t let the opinions of others stop you from enjoying the many benefits of yoga. Also don’t let your own internal messages discourage you from discovering a healthier, less stressful you.

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