Essential Equipment and Optional Equipment of Yoga

Do you know some yoga equipment? Though Yoga can be practiced without any equipment, once you join a class or gym, certain equipment would help you better while practicing yoga.

Essential Equipment:


You need to wear comfortable, breathable clothes while doing yoga. A tighter shirt is recommended as few poses require you to bend over causing to your shirt to slide down. Any exercise pants or shorts will do, although it’s best to avoid super slick lycra-type pants since these would cause you to slip in some poses.

Yoga Mats:

If you plan to practice regularly, invest in a recyclable TPE yoga mat. Cheaper “sticky” mats tend to fall apart. The mat defines your personal space, along with creating traction for your hands and feet, preventing you from slipping, especially when you get a little sweaty. The mat also provides a bit of cushioning on a hard floor. Most studios allow you to rent the mats, for as low as a dollar or two per class. However these mats are used by a number of people and could be unhygienic. Yoga mats can be purchased for as little as $20 and it would be better to buy your own mat.

Optional Equipment:

These props are generally required by people following the Iyengar style of yoga. Using these props helps prevent injuries and allows the body to attain maximum alignment. A list of these props is as follows:

gray EVA yoga block


The folded blankets are used as props to sit on and lie down during class. For instance, you can sit cross-legged on a blanket to elevate your hips above the knees. Also the blanket keeps you warm during the relaxation session at the end of your class.

Yoga Blocks:

Yoga blocks are a great prop for beginners. High quality custom printed yoga bricks are great using as a hand or foot rest when you cannot reach the floor during certain pose. They also provide a support to your back or limbs. With a lightweight construction, they are a great prop to attain flexibility and alignment during your exercises.

Yoga Straps:

This prop is very beneficial for beginners and people who are not very flexible. They help you when your arms are not long enough to reach the floor or touch your feet. They are available in either nylon or cotton fibers and are very useful. They also allow you to hold your pose longer.

Yoga Bolsters:

They are pillows that support your body and help you relax. They are great for beginners as they allow you to remain for longer duration in any pose without being uncomfortable.

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The Major Advantages of Yoga

More and more people likes doing yoga. Do you know the advantages of yoga? Yoga has physical advantages, is something which is common knowledge. But the real power of yoga is seen through its advantages on the mental and other aspects of human life.

Following are some of the major advantages of yoga.

  • Perfects your posture

Yoga helps make you stand up straighter and walk taller. The whole slumped shoulder problem goes away. Also, it makes you look far more graceful and toned.

  • Control of emotions

Yoga helps the body relax, which in turn helps you control your emotions. Very often, an excess of anger or any negative emotion, gets directed towards the wrong person. This happens when we can’t really control our thoughts and emotions. Yoga helps to control our mind and also makes us patient.

  • Makes you happier

Practicing yoga, even simple breathing exercises or pranayama, helps to pump more endorphins and dopamine into the system. These are some hormones that make you feel happier. The more yoga you practice, the higher your chances of feeling happy and uplifted.

  • Helps you focus

Whenever you find yourself incapable of focusing, try practicing yoga and meditation. Meditation makes you concentrate and brings to you an increased observation power.

  • Improves Balance

What yogasanas do mainly, is that they direct your body’s energy in a particular direction. Practicing yoga and doing the correct postures, helps direct more energy into various directions. This helps improve your balance.

  • Relaxes muscles

If you are someone prone to muscle tension or pulling of muscles (hamstring, shoulder, etc.) then yoga can help make your body supple. Your flexibility naturally improves and you can do more activities with ease.

There are many more medical advantages too. However, there are few tested proofs that can be stated. For example, people suffering from asthma and bronchitis, are told to practice pranayama as it helps to control their breathing, which improves lung capacity. These are tested facts.

But there is no evidence to suggest that Yoga can cure terminal diseases or act as a pain reliever. So we must get the facts before following any practice.

Another essential point to bear in mind is that Yoga, should only be performed, after attaining some initial training from a yoga guru or instructor. This is because we may try to do some postures and end up causing serious injuries, if they aren’t done appropriately.

Finally, it is always best to read books and other resources that can clearly define what Yoga really is, before going and enrolling for a class. If you have some knowledge to begin with, you will feel a lot more connected to the activity itself.

Tips of Buying a Good Yoga Mat

Whether you’re starting out or getting more serious with yoga, having the best yoga mat can be vital to your practice. With all the available options in the market, it’s best to find out the key features the mat needs to have before you invest your money in it.

One of the major considerations in buying a mat is the material it is made of. Basically, there are plastic mats and there are eco-friendly yoga mats.

Eco yoga mats

In general, eco friendly yoga mats are made of natural rubber from rubber trees.

Since they are made of natural materials, they are biodegradable and they completely decompose after you dispose them.

More than that, most eco mats are also built to be durable and comfortable. Though they are pricier than the standard plastic mat, most eco various color natural rubber yoga mats have better quality and more features than their PVC counterparts.

printed letters TPE yoga mat

Of course, their rubbery smell is not the best in the world. But this minor flaw can often be overcome with a good airing or thorough cleaning. Even if you do inhale this unpleasant smell, at least you can be sure it’s just irritating your senses and not harming your body.

The best eco friendly yoga mat

If they are better than full printed PVC yoga mat, then what is the best eco friendly yoga mat?

The best eco mat is one that is suited to your body’s needs, your lifestyle and the kind of yoga you practice. There is no perfect mat but if you study their features as well as flaws, you may find one that is just right for you.

Besides, some offer more cushion and more space while others provide more traction. Remember to evaluate your needs first and match it up with these mats’ features so you can decide which one is the best suited for your yoga practice. More news at buy-yoga.