The Importance of Yoga Props

Maybe you don’t think yoga props are important. While for Yoga teachers the value of props as a tool for alignment is priceless. Yet it is amazing when a Yoga teacher has a negative view of props and the students who use them. Every once in a while you get to hear contrasting views, but below I have listed a few quotes that no one wants to take credit for.

“There are no props in my style, in my classes, or in my town. My Yoga teacher says props are a crutch and there is no reason to make them available to students.”

This is a closed minded view, if I ever heard one. What about the student who cannot bring his, or her, spine in a straight line when practicing Triangle posture? One block, placed in the correct location, will change the alignment of the entire body.

A wall might also make a major difference to some Yoga students. So why not adjust a student into a better alignment so she or he can hold the position longer? This will build strength and the Yoga student will actually memorize correct alignment by feeling it.

“Yoga props are fluff. These people are not really practicing Yoga.”

This one comment “takes the cake.” My answer to this person was that she should seek a Yoga teacher who shared her lack of tolerance. Since Yoga encompasses many things; who should say what “real Yoga” is, or is not?

Props are used by Yoga teachers from many styles of Hatha Yoga such as Iyengar Yoga, Tri Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Chair Yoga, and many more Hatha sub-styles. To be honest, the Yoga mat is a prop. It was not that long ago when Yogis did not use Yoga mats. Why reject progress being made by some of the most innovative minds in modern day Yoga?

One mistake that most Yoga students and Yoga teachers make is thinking of postures as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each body is unique and will be exceptional in some ways and less exceptional in others. We should stop focusing on the next “advanced posture” and think about the alignment of the Yoga posture we are in at the present moment.

Proper alignment should never be compromised for the sake of the ego. When you know that a blanket, bolster, ball, strap, block, chair, wall, or another prop would help a student’s alignment; using a prop is a “no brainer.”

Yoga teachers should make props available, but also be prepared to improvise. Most Yoga teachers do not have every prop available in their studio. This is not a problem, and it will teach you to be creative. One of our Yoga teachers shows her students how to use the kitchen counter, the bottom steps of a stair case, and towels as props for Yoga practice at home.

Last but not the least, there is no limit to what can be used for a Yoga prop. Our true potential, as Yoga teachers, is only limited by our thinking.


The Brief Introduction of Yoga Blocks

Yoga bricks or yoga blocks are considered to be the most widely known and used props in yoga. The main function of yoga blocks is to aid yogis to get into postures that they find difficult to do. Yoga blocks are helpful especially you still haven’t developed the flexibility and suppleness that most yoga asanas requires. They also help individuals feel comfortable while performing their exercises as well as help improve their body alignment. With the aid of yoga blocks you can now stretch, strengthen and align your body without causing much strain to the other muscles.

These blocks can be strategically placed under the feet or hands or even your seat. And they allows you to intensify your yogic stretches and also achieve the right position without much effort. This is extremely helpful for beginners who do not have the much needed flexibility. These blocks are most commonly used in asanas like Ardha Chandrasana and Virasana.

The main aim of the custom printed yoga block is to help the individual find freedom when performing a particularly difficult asana, primarily those that require the lengthening of the spine. They are considered to be excellent in cases where you need just a little lift or a push to open your chest or reach your feet, as the same time ensuring that your breath flows easily down the spine.

Yogas block come in different shapes, sizes and materials. The materials used are foam, bamboo, wood and even cork. The most preferred size is 9″ x 6″ and they are usually rectangular in shape. Although the height can vary, the basic height of blocks is 4 inches. You can purchase other shapes like circular, square and even ones that are shaped like neck and head supports. However it’s best to ensure that you choose one that fits your requirement. Most instructors advise beginners to start off with the standard sizes. And once the yogi gains flexibility and ability to extend they can then experiment with different sizes and shapes. You can even use a combination of blocks to help you with various difficult positions; however these are usually used by advanced practitioners.

EVA yoga foam block

Blocks made of foam are most commonly preferred because they are not very expensive, are easy to find and are easy to store. However if you are looking for more stability then wooden blocks are the best. If on the other hand you want to enjoy flexibility as well as sturdiness then cork yoga block are the best.

Other Benefits of Yoga Blocks

Although yoga blocks help you execute a poses well, they have other benefits for the yogi. Let’s look at some of the important ones.

  • By providing support, they allow your body to maintain the right alignment.
  • They are excellent for reducing distances between the ground and your body.
  • Yoga blocks help to modify poses according to individual convenience thereby helping you increase the flexibility in your body.
  • With the help of yoga blocks your body will go through the least amount of stress and strain, especially when you’re practicing a difficult pose.
  • With the help of yoga blocks you will easily hold on to difficult poses and for a longer time as well.
  • The risk of straining your muscles as well as injuries is reduced.
  • Expectant mothers benefit from the use of yoga blocks since they reduce the amount of energy required to perform asanas.

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Some Tips of Choosing Yoga Clothes and Props

In recent years, yoga forms of various sorts have been gaining popularity around the world. They have become increasingly popular in the developed countries with higher urbanization where the lifestyles are more hectic and dynamic. The number of yoga practitioners is increasing and so is the trend of learning yoga. More and more number of women are taking to yoga for fitness, losing weight and getting into proper shape to find a better personality.

It is needless to mention that with the rising trend of yoga, the market for yoga apparels and props has grown in the recent past. A vast variety of products have emerged and hit the markets. There are companies that specialize in manufacture and sale of yoga products. Yoga apparels have also become fashionable and a woman generally prefers to choose something that it not just comfortable but also gives them confidence and a smart look when it comes to choosing the yoga clothes.

When it comes to choosing the best yoga clothes brand, the following is suggested to be kept in mind:

  1. The clothes brand should specialize in the distribution or manufacture of the products.
  1. They should be able to offer a wide range of clothing for all body types.
  1. They should have at least some yoga kits in the offing.
  1. The clothes offered should be made from materials that have been scientifically tested to comfort the person doing yoga.
  1. The clothes should be innovatively designed.
  1. In the case of women’s yoga apparel, the clothes offered should be engineered for their comfort and body shape.

blue printed PVC yoga mat

Once you have chosen the right company, it is time to make the right selection of the clothes. Here are a few tips that can be helpful.

  1. Select whether you would like to wear tight and body fitting clothes or the loose ones. This should depend upon the following:
  • Body type
  • Comfort
  • Yoga exercises to be practiced
  • Fashion choices
  1. Try online shopping and have a look at the range of products. Visit various websites and check products from various brands before making the final selection.
  1. Give a try to the eco-friendly materials if it suits your needs and pocket.

Equally important as the yoga apparel are the yoga props that help you learn, teach or practice the exercises comfortably. You would need the following yoga props.

  1. Mat: The most important yoga prop. And the brand new pattern double layer TPE yoga mat is the most popular one. Look for the standard size of mat but if you are above average in height look for a larger one. Ensure that the material is scientifically tested and there is no danger of rubber or latex. You may even look for eco-friendly and recycled mats.
  1. Strap: It is essential to reach the different poses especially in helping to reach the toes and in getting into poses easily.
  1. Block: There are a number of materials that are used for making eco-friendly yoga brick. Choose what suits your budget and needs well. The common materials are foam (dense), cork, fiber, bamboo etc.

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Practice Yoga with a Yoga Mat

Although it is possible to do yoga outdoors in grass. While most yoga practitioners would be advised to own a yoga mat.

In ancient times when yoga was done just in India, yoga mats were made from animal skins. Most of them were made from deer skin, which was relatively cheap and quite easy to come by. But the more luxurious yoga mats back then were made from tiger skins. Which was way more expensive and harder to find.

But even then people used mere non-slip yoga towel to practice yoga on as well, the ground or grass was begin used as well, by those who didn’t have the means to buy a proper mat.

In these days, yoga mats aren’t made from animal skins but more synthetic materials. There are TPE, PVC, NBR, etc. And there is a huge variety of yoga mats to choose from, ranging from different sizes or even shapes to every possible color and even custom images and prints.

Even the thickness of the mats varies among the different types, like the lightweight mats. Those with a extra thin yoga mat usually have a relatively cheap one and it’ll show in terms of quality and durability as well.. Meaning that it’ll wear out pretty quick and it won’t give much if any support. It’ll just keep you from slipping in the different poses.

Then there are medium mats, which are actually the standard ones. They’re around 4 to 5 mm thick and they are used by most yogi who practice yoga a few times a week. You’ll find these mats in just about every yoga studio around the world.

yellow camouflage TPE yoga mat

Being thicker than the lightweight mats, which can be used as travel yoga mats as well. They’ll provide a lot more support and it’ll ease the pressure on your wrists and elbows in certain yoga positions. They’re also a higher quality mat and they’ll therefore last a lot longer than the thinner mats.

And then there is the very best, reserved for the professionals and yogi who practice yoga every day and need a yoga mat that will last them a long time. These mats are the very best quality money can buy and they can be as thick as 7mm, giving a lot of support and you’ll really feel the difference.

But before actually deciding which yoga exercise mat is perfect for you, you should try the different thicknesses in a nearby sports store. Some people prefer a really thin yoga mat, whereas other people like them really thick.

The different colors can matter as well if you want to have a nice looking mat as well. As mentioned before. There are so many different colors available on the market these days. It’s just a matter of choosing the quality and the color and you’re set.

Do keep in mind that the more colorful they are, the quicker you’ll see them wear down. So if you’d like to keep the same mat for more than a year in the same condition, then you’ll be better off with a darker colored mat, or even a black yoga mat.

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Own a Yoga Ball for Yourself

Any interest in anti-burst PVC yoga ball? Yoga Balls are the new craze in the market due to its viable uses which provides the best posture and stability factor for those who practice yoga. This is an inflatable piece which is now being part of an exercise routine for many. It is made out of PVC vinyl or rubber. Once it is inflated it is used basically for basic muscles like abdomen, chest and back.

In general, the essence of the PVC massage yoga ball is instability which lets you use other muscles to balance the ball. This helps to stress on the other specific muscles. It helps in strengthening your lower back, buttocks, abdomen, chest and arms. By using these yoga balls the yoga poses becomes extremely easy and comfortable. It is a great instrument for having a healthy body with strong muscles to complete the yoga poses.

pink smooth PVC yoga ball

Besides, the custom logo fitness yoga ball helps in stretching and removing the stress which is one of the grave issues for many. This helps in achieving stability by controlling the ball. It gives a proper shape to your body, tones your muscles, as well as can be fun in doing most of the yoga poses with the ball. There are different sizes and colors to be chosen from to suit your personality as well as the current trend. These balls are long-lasting due to its finish and can support a good amount of weight on it. These are used not only for yoga but for all the other exercises, as well as for dancing. The air-filled balls give the required support for all the poses as and when it is done. More yoga balls at buy-yoga, have a visit!

Individual Reviews of Foam Rollers


I decided to review the EPE, EVA and Molded foam roller for muscles together because they’re all quite similar. You can buy them in a variety of lengths and sizes, the most common being 6″ X 36″. They’re relatively inexpensive and a great introduction to the practice of self-myofascial release. If you’re finding that you begin rolling on a daily basis you’ll quickly notice all three of these options lose shape very quickly.

EPE rollers are made out of Polyethylene which is used in a variety of manufactured goods. It breaks down rather quickly, and if used consistently enough could be deformed in as little as a month (depending on your size, weight and usage of course). EVA foam roller is a fairly durable foam which allows it to keep it’s shape for a longer period of time relative to EPE. They have a glossy finish and are more aesthetically appealing than their cheaper cousins. Molded rollers are made of expanded polypropylene, which is a little more rigid and heavy duty than either the EPE or EVA. Molded foam is a newer material being used in the industry. If you’re a larger individual, these will tend to work better than their counterparts because they won’t deform as much during their day to day usage.

red hollow yoga roller

Rumble Roller

It’s definitely for the more advanced users, or those who have dense muscle mass and a high tolerance to pain. It’s one of the most expensive rollers on the market, but will outlast most of them as well. A key distinction is the square grooves which were designed to feel more like a massage than a conventional roller could achieve. This has added value for some applications including targeting your feet and your hips. However, I find the square grooves to be a little excessive on larger areas such as your hamstring or quadriceps. It’s sold in three sizes, standard, compact and extra compact.

The Grid

Provides a middle ground between the ridges that the rumble extra firm foam roller provides and the smoothness that a conventional roller offers. The “grid” surface varies over the length of it, which helps to target smaller hard to reach areas such as your hips. Created by Trigger Point Performance Therapy, it’s quickly become one of the most popular models on the market. Trigger Point has a whole line of massage therapy tools, but the Grid is definitely they’re claim to fame, and continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry. It’s sold in a variety of sizes ranging from a conventional 6″ X 36″ down to a 5″ X 5.5″ mini roller suitable for traveling.

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