Use EVA Yoga Blocks to Adjust Postures

I like sports. My fitness program consists of three things. Yoga, running, and a little strength training. I have come a long way in my yoga practice, but at first, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Then a girlfriend turned me onto custom printed yoga block, and I saw my progress take off!

There are a lot of postures in yoga that require you to place a hand on the ground during the stretch. Well, if you are not flexible enough to get all the way to the ground, where do you place that hand? At first, I tried to put it on my shin, but as things got hot, my hands got slicker, and would slide off.

camouflage yoga bricks

I then tried to just force myself to the ground. Bad idea! I pulled a muscle and couldn’t really do anything fitness related for a couple of weeks.

Along came my friend with a pair of single color yoga bricks, and I was off to the races. They are very light and compact, so they don’t get in the way of your practice. Being made out of EVA means they don’t hold onto the moisture that floats around a yoga studio. Nothing worse than smelly yoga blocks!

Besides, I think it is in the true spirit of yoga. When they get old, you don’t have to worry about disposing of them. Toss them in the trash, get a new double color yoga brick, and off you go! Learn more at buy-yoga.


Tips of Buying Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are useful during yoga practice. Before I dive into helping you select a high density foam roller I want to address the main two reasons why you should be using one.

Reduce injuries. Warming up with a foam roller, can greatly reduce the severity and likelihood of injury. It will activate the muscles and begin to pump blood through.

Decrease recovery times. Using it after exercising will mimic a deep tissue massage. This has two benefits. Improved blood flow, which helps carry nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and the removal of toxins.

In order to select the foam roller lower back for your needs ask yourself the following questions:

1) How often do you plan on using it?

I primarily do my rolling at home, so my EVA has stood the test of time, but if you’re using yours several times a week avoid purchasing a generic EPE or EVA. Both of these will quickly elongate and begin to oval. If you plan on using one daily, I would spend the money and purchase a higher quality one. I’ve used everything from The Grid, the Rumble Roller and all three types of generic rollers, the Grid remains the most versatile on the market.

pink solid yoga roller

2) How long have you been rolling?

Although it varies from person to person, if you’ve just started, chances are it hurts like hell. If you fall under this category you can start with a standard EPE. These aren’t very dense and will start to break down scar tissue and lengthen your muscles. As your scar tissue breaks down so will your EPE roller, at which time you can opt to upgrade to a superior model.

3) What area are you planning on focusing on?

I use two rollers depending on which area I’m targeting. Nothing is better than the Rumble Roller for hitting hard to reach areas such as your hip flexors or your shin muscles. The grooves can target those areas far more efficiently than any of the other options on the market place. That said, it’s highly ineffective for rolling large muscles, such as your IT Band, which require longer “strokes”. The reason is it doesn’t roll as effectively due to it’s bumps, it’s easier to roll with a perfectly round model.

4) Budget

This is an important question you need to ask yourself. Purchasing a cheap solid EVA yoga roller is significantly better than avoiding them all together. They start in the $10-$15 range and as a result it’s a relatively cost effective way to experience the benefits of deep tissue massage in the comfort of your home. If you’re active and can afford to spend more, you will certainly find a more expensive model, a great investment.

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Practicing Yoga – An Excellent Way to Keep Fit

Do you want to keep fit? An excellent way to keep fit is to practice yoga and if you’re looking something that’s exhilarating both physically and mentally for body and mind then the advantages of practicing yoga is for you. Basically to practice yoga all you need is yourself, a yoga mat, a good teacher at a yoga studio to learn and an open mind.

Various Tools Available For Purchase To Enhance Your Yoga Practice Sessions

The yoga mat is a must to begin and it can provide cushioning for your body and once you become more proficient in your yoga poses you may not choose to use one. At most yoga studios a mat can usually be hired, it’s a good idea to have your own as you don’t want to be bothered with other peoples sweat etc. A good yoga mat will cost approximately twenty Euro and up, this price shouldn’t sway your commitment in deciding to go ahead. You may want to consider purchasing two yoga mats, if you’re going to do yoga at home you’ll need one there too. Yoga mats do come in various types i.e. thick-mats, sticky-mats, travel-mats, extra-long-mats etc., so make sure to purchase the one that suits you best.

With some yoga poses you may need yoga props such as blocks which are generally made of bamboo or foam and their prices are reasonable at under ten euros. If your new to yoga a DVD or CD could be a good idea so you can practice your yoga at home too. Prices of these yoga lessons on DVD or CD are between fifteen to fifty Euro. Meditation cushions are also available at reasonable prices, but are not essential to start practicing yoga.

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

One of yoga’s many benefits is that it will help to increase your ability to find your space, harmony, inner peace and ease within your body and mind. But yoga can also help ease aches and pains in all parts of the body – for example; one of the places where we often have tightened tendons is around the shoulders and neck area, which often causes headaches, practicing yoga can loosen up tight muscles and tendons and alleviate those annoying headache.

Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga poses have various forms and each one being helpful for any number of ailments, aches, pains and stress. No need to be put off, you’ll learn the poses as you go and as your yoga is hopefully going to be a lifelong pursuit, you’ll have lots of time to learn. As your practice of yoga progresses, you’ll be comfortable taking on more of the challenging poses, but as a beginner, it’s a good idea to keep your yoga practice simple. However, don’t jump right into any fancy yoga exercises before you’ve been to a few yoga classes. It can take years to learn the various yoga positions, but there are exercises that are appropriate and helpful for beginner students too.

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Yoga Towel Is as Important as Yoga Mat

Equally as important as your yoga mat is a non-slip yoga towel. A high quality towel will allow you fully engage yourself in your practice. You’ll be able to reach a whole new level of awareness, simply by having a towel that is highly absorbent and provides adequate traction. This article will discuss some of the types of towels used in yoga, as well as a brief description of how to use and care for them.

There are two basic ways that a towel can provide traction. The first is using the material of the towel itself to provide traction with the mat. Towels use microfiber technology, which provides a suede-like texture. When dampened, the microfiber sticks to the mat and provides the traction required for a fulfilling practice.

The second way that a yoga towel provides traction is with a texture. Towels such as yoga stick-e Towel attach extra material to a standard towel to make the towel skidless. The stick-e towel has smooth non-slip panels on the bottom side that provide the same function. It’s more of a personal preference on which method you choose, as both are very good at preventing slippage.

yoga towel with pocket

Using a microfiber yoga towel not only provides the grip necessary to concentrate on engaging your body and your practice, but also provides a clean and dry barrier between you and your mat, or any other equipment that you’re using your mat with. When using a towel for yoga, it’s recommended to spray a little water on your towel to dampen it slightly. This helps all of these towels activate their non-slip properties. If your studio doesn’t provide spray bottles, simply bring a spray mister to moisten your towel, especially near the ends, where you’ll likely be needing the traction the most.

Most towels, and all towels mentioned here, are machine washable. To dry, many manufacturers suggest hang drying or using your dryer on a low setting. Many people prefer to hang dry to prevent any changes in the non-slipping nature of the towel. In any case, be sure to wash your mat before its first use, as the dyes used to color your new towel may bleed.

Once you use your super absorbent yoga towel, you’ll wonder how you ever practiced without it. By providing grip and removing sweat, your towel helps you connect your mind, body, and spirit at a whole new level.

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