Use Yoga Towel within your Yoga Practice

Any interest in yoga products? If you’ve visited a hot yoga studio you’ve encountered a microfiber yoga towel being used. In fact, a lot of hot yoga studios request their usage and permit the students to borrow them totally free. These towels aren’t the same as the towels in your bathroom. They are generally made out of microfiber material and often make use of a non-skid coating on the back that can keep them from slipping around the mat. Yoga towels tend to be the size of a yoga mat and they are put on the top of the mat to offer grip for sweaty hands and feet. Consequently, enabling a lot more solidity and safety within your yoga practice. Vinyasa flow, hot yoga, or comparable type sessions can create considerable amounts of heat within the body and lead to excessive sweating that leads to slipping.

When Traveling

PVC yoga mat towel is generally useful when you are traveling. These are generally compact, light weight allowing them to be easily packed in your baggage. When traveling, and any instance you’re using a rental or loaned mat, they give a hygienic layer between you and that mat. No one likes to worry about hygiene when the time comes to place your face on the mat for spine strengthening asanas. Additionally, some individuals think they are suitable for a mat alternative, laying them right on the floor to become a platform for his or her practice.

yoga mat towel

In Yoga Studio

I personally use a yoga towel every single time I practice yoga whether or not I’m in a heated studio or not primarily because I feel more secure and solid. Possibly my palms just sweat much more than some others or perhaps my towel has become a bit of a security blanket. Either way, it has ended up being an integral part of my practice and is definitely worth the cost. As a yoga teacher of both hot yoga and vinyasa yoga I notice most of my hot yoga students and many of my other students making use of towels in their classes.

I do occasionally come across hot yoga students using beach or bath towels on their mats to assist with soaking up the sweat. Most of those students expend quite a lot of time moving the towel around to smooth it out while it oftentimes gets bunched up from shifting between poses. This situation breaks their focus and tends to make the towel just another thing to be concerned about as opposed to a stable base for their practice. For this reason alone I really don’t suggest using a regular towel for your practice.

In general, I feel a yoga towel can be a superb investment in your practice. I believe that you will not regret the purchasing of a yoga towel as it will help you have a safer, more stable, and more enjoyable practice. Spend a little energy looking into the different varieties of yoga towels on the market and discover one that works best for your practice.

I wish you luck in your search for the perfect yoga towel by clicking buy-yoga. I think you’ll find that a yoga towel has all the information you need to find the right yoga towel for your practice.